Asher Comprehensive Training Center, Inc.
50+ Years of Nursing Experience
17 Years of Homecare Experience

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Job Fair: pictured below (left) participating Healthcare Facilities: Beth Sholom, Westminster Canterbury, VCU Health Systems, Envoy, (Care Advantage -missing from photo) with Host: Asher  Comprehensive Training Center' s Staff & Volunteer  pictured on both ends (not pictured here - Asher's Career Service Mgr.) 
Asher desires to effectively assist with the staffing needs of Virginia's healthcare facilities. Pictured (on right) Asher's Career Service Mgr. is discussing personnel needs with VCU Health System's HR Staff. 
Asher's Child Care Services offers a quiet and relaxing place for kids (ages 3-12) to develop the love of learning. It is located on the school premises, and is available to individuals attending any of our day training sessions.    

              Social Studies & Geography                                                             Pre-schooler learning Area    

Child Care Room - where the love for learning begins                           Reading & Language Arts

                                      Technology                                                            Science & Mathematics
Spring of 2018 Summer Opportunities Youth Fair
Facilitated by Workforce