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Asher Comprehensive Training Center, Inc.
50 Years of Nursing Experience
17 Years of Homecare Experience
Sharing Asher at Sisterinarms Veteran Women Resource Fair @ RVA Women's Business Center 
A provision of the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017,
known as the Forever GI Bill, changed how the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
pays the Post-9/11 GI Bill Monthyl Housing Allowance (MHA). The law requires VA
to pay MHA based on the zip code of the training location where you attend the
majority of your classes.
VA is in the process of modifying and testing its systems to make this change,
however, you will continue to receive GI Bill benefit payments under the current rules
until those changes can be implemented.
If you are taking classes in multiple zip codes or locations other than your school’s
main campus, when VA updates its systems, your school will have to adjust your
enrollment certification with this information. In some circumstances, this may result
in a different MHA amount than what you previously received. You can search for
MHA by zip code on the GI Bill Comparison Tool at

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Is VA holding housing or tuition and fee payments while it makes these
systems changes?
Answer: No, VA will continue to process claims, and pay MHA and tuition and fees.
These payments are currently based on 2017 rates. Once system updates are
complete, VA will make any necessary adjustments to ensure you are paid correctly,
including any applicable Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA).
Question: I am attending classes in multiple locations with different zip codes,
should my school hold my enrollment certification until VA updates its systems?
Answer: No, VA is accepting all enrollment certifications and processing them under
current rules until its systems are updated.
Question: What happens when VA updates its systems and my MHA changes
because I am attending classes in different zip codes?
Answer: In the event of a debt or underpayment caused by VA updating its systems,
VA will review your file to determine if your MHA is being properly paid, and make
any necessary adjustments to ensure that you are paid correctly. Please note: If an
overpayment is established due solely to the system changes VA will not charge you
for the debt.
Question: How do I find the estimated amount I am entitled to?
Answer: The GI Bill Comparison Tool includes the MHA rate for your school’s main
campus, and allows you to search MHA rates by zip code:

If you know a Veteran who
is in crisis, call the Veterans
Crisis Line at 1-800-273-
8255 and press 1

Veterans Affairs
Veterans Benefits
1800 G Street NW
Washington, DC 20006
Contact information:
Phone: 1-888-442-4551
TDD: 711
Social media:
Twitter: @VAVetBenefits

GI Bill Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) Info.
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